We are proud and excited to introduce our complimentary Whitening for Life Program. We feel every patient deserves to have a beautiful smile they can be proud of.

Whitening for Life is a FREE MEMBERSHIP we give our patients who have purchased whitening trays or Zoom Whitening with take home trays. In order to keep your teeth white, we will provide you with 1 or 2 touch-up whitening gels (a value of up to $39 a year) at no additional cost at every preventative hygiene visit for life. This will also include professional monitoring of the whitening process by the doctor or hygienist. The goal of this program is to keep your smile healthy while making your teeth bright and beautiful for life!

Like most offers, you must comply with some simple requirements in order to be part of this program:

  • Participation in this program requires that you honor your hygiene schedule of at least two visits a year at approximately 6 month intervals. Compliance with the recommended recare schedule will help reduce dental expenditures and the need for emergency care. Harelick Dental Associates, LLC has the right to refuse the offer based on patient current or future health conditions. We want to protect your teeth—without proper gum and teeth health, whitening could be detrimental to your oral condition.

  • We are sorry that we can not be responsible for lost or broken trays; however, if your tray wears out, we will provide you with one set of new trays after 3 years at no charge.

  • As a courtesy, you must also agree to provide at least a 48 hour advance notice if a schedule change is needed.

  • Please understand that you need to keep your balance and your family’s balance up to date – it must be paid within 30 days.

If you fail to meet the above requirements, we will provide you with a one time opportunity to re-enroll in the program for a $50 reactivation fee.

Please note: Most everyone sees a significant improvement from whitening, however, the level of whitening works to different degrees depending on the patient’s teeth. If you have sensitivity, please inform us before starting treatment or as soon as symptoms appear. Some patients may notice initial temperature sensitivity from whitening which can be treated with Advil and will usually subside within a few days. We have a number of medicaments to reduce sensitivity. The Whitening for Life Program is a courtesy extended by Harelick Dental Associates, LLC and has no cash value. Harelick Dental Associates, LLC may end the program without liability, if the Standard of Care related to tooth whitening changes. In the very unlikely case that Harelick Dental Associates decides to end the program for other reasons, the program participants in good standing (see rules above) may request a credit of $50.00 towards future dental care at Harelick Dental Associates, LLC. This offer may not be combined with any other offer.