Volunteer Dental Implants

Drs. Natalie & Scott Harelick’s Volunteer Surgical Implant Dental Mission to the Dominican Republic

Drs. Scott & Natalie Harelick, (from Harelick Dental Associates of Fairhaven, MA) along with 5 other dentists from all over the United States, just returned from participating in a dental mission in the Dominican Republic. They had the great pleasure of partaking in this 9 day volunteer dental implant program where they provided supplies and free services. In the small remote villages, the combination of poverty, marginal nutrition and lack of access to dental care creates rampant tooth decay. Dr. Scott was assisted by Dr. Natalie where they offered free dental surgery to the people in desperate need of care. They performed extractions, tissue grafting, sinus lifts along with placement of surgical implants. Relieving pain and restoring smiles and dignity to the people was their goal. The dentists as a group did over $80,000 of dental treatment, in addition, over $40,000 was donated by the dentists to support local orphanages and schools.

“It was an exhausting, but an extremely rewarding experience to be able to help so many people. We were very grateful for the amazing experience. Nothing could be more gratifying than helping the smiling, appreciative patients (many of whom could previously never eat solid food.) The personal impact of the mission is impossible to measure!”

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