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Our Approach

Each person comes to us with their own unique needs, desires and circumstances and together we work to help them achieve their goals.  Teeth do not exist unto themselves – they are part of a greater whole, an integral part of the body.  Our practice strives to treat them as such, in order to help each person achieve and maintain health.  We treat the individual, and take the time to get to know each patient so that we can best help them along their journey.  We believe that honesty is an important stepping stone in every relationship, and that knowing the different options that are available is essential for a person to choose the course of treatment that is right for them. 

Each team member shares a deep love for what we do.  We are individuals ourselves, and bring our own distinctive talents, skills and interests to the practice.  Together as a team, we treat our patients as we would treat our family.  We know that stepping into a dental office and sitting down in the chair is not always easy – it is our goal to ease your fears, listen to your concerns and give you as pleasant an experience as possible.  We strive to help each person achieve a beautiful, healthy smile and a deeper confidence in themselves


our team


Dr. Robert Harelick, dMD, FAGD


Dr. Natalie

Harelick, DMD, FAGD


Dr. Scott Harelick, DMD, FAGD


Shannon, RDH

Lucy, RDH