High Tech Dental Office in Greater New Bedford

Drs. Scott, Natalie and Robert Harelick are dentists serving the Greater New Bedford area who truly care for their patients. Harelick Dental Associates uses modern sterilization methods and numerous techniques to minimize pain and discomfort while providing the highest quality of care.

Waiting Room (view facing Alden Street)

Greater New Bedford Cosmetic Dental Office We do our best to keep your time in our waiting room very short. However, we make sure to keep it comfortable in case you have any family waiting for you. We provide a Keurig machine with free coffee and tea, spring water, high speed wi-fi internet access, children’s toys and a diverse set of current magazines. Our well lit and comfortable waiting room faces Alden Street in Fairhaven, MA.

Dental Hygiene Room

Greater New Bedford Dental Hygienist We think our dental hygienists are among the best in all of Greater New Bedford. They prioritize your comfort while ensuring that your teeth are as free as possible of tarter and plaque. They are your first line of defense against dental problems!

Of course, our hygienists give you many choices of polish and fluoride (if needed) flavors. While in the chair, our hygienists (and dentists) will create a custom radio station based on your music preferences or let you sit back and watch one of the many DVD’s we keep on hand.

Our hygienists adhere to the highest standards of quality and sterilization to ensure a comfortable and painless visit that is also as safe and effective as possible. They leverage modern systems such as computerized patient charting and digital x-rays for the most efficient visit possible.

Dental Operatory

Greater New Bedford Dentist We have some of the most modern dental operatories in the Greater New Bedford area. Our intra-oral cameras allow the patient to see a close-up of what the dentist sees before the patient and doctor work together to determine the next steps in the care plan. Our air abrasion system allows us to skip both the drill and the needle for a pain-free filling.

Our Dentists also adhere to the highest standards of quality and sterilization to make your visit as painless, safe and effective as possible.

Greater New Bedford Dentist

Harelick Dental Associates is located at 278 Alden Road in Fairhaven, MA just minutes from the New Bedford line. Contact Us today to find out why people say Dr. Harelick is the Best Dentist in Greater New Bedford.